14th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation


Environmental Taxation and Green Fiscal Reform for a Sustainable Future

17-19 October, 2013, Kyoto Japan


The GCET has been held every year since 2000 as an international meeting of specialists and a forum for the exchange of ideas and research findings on environmental taxation and another market instruments designed to protect the environment and foster sustainability.


The target audience for the 14th GCET includes delegates from around the world who are interested in the exchange of ideas, information, and research findings about environmental taxation issues and sustainable economic development, which includes:

>>Academic Scholars from universities worldwide in the fields of law, economics, taxation, accounting, political science, environmental studies, etc.
>>Government Officials globally from Federal and provincial/state/territorial departments of finance,environment, natural resources, etc.
>>International and Non-Governmental Organization Representatives, Tax and Accounting Professionals, Private Sector Executives, and Experts.


The host of 14th GCET is the Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics of Kyoto University, which is located in Kyoto City, Japan. The university has approximately 21,400 students (undergraduate 13,000, graduate 8,400) of which approximately 1,450 students (undergraduate 1,200, graduate 250) and over 50 faculty members are in the Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics.
In April 1900, the first lecture on economics was delivered at the College of Law, Kyoto Imperial University. The Faculty of Economics was established in 1919. Throughout the history of the Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics of Kyoto University, academic freedom has always been encouraged so that students can be trained to be creative and professional researchers.

Kyoto Univerisity has produced many eminent scholars including Nobel Award winners.


We look forward to seeing you in Kyoto in 2013!!

Conference Co-Chairs:
Prof. Kazuhiro Ueta, Kyoto University, JAPAN
Prof. Soocheol Lee, Meijo University, JAPAN
Prof. Larry Kreiser, Cleveland State University, U.S.A.