Applied Micro Seminar
Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University

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Basic Information
     Date & Time: Friday from 11:00-12:15 (generally).
     Venue (building): The Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics, East Bldg. Yoshida Campus (Map&Directions), unless noticed otherwise.
     Contact: Saori Chiba [E-mail: chiba(at)]

Forthcoming Seminars
     2019.03.25 (Mon.) 11:00-12:15 (Room 101 on 1F) (Joint with Asian Economic Development Seminar)
         Speaker: SILBER Jacques (Bar-Ilan University)
         Title: On the Measurement of Population Weighted Relative Indices of Mobility and Convergence with an Illustration Based on Chinese Data

     2019.04.18 (Thurs.) 11:00-13:00 (Room TBA)
         Session 1: 11:00-12:00
             Speaker: Elke U. WEBER (Princeton University)
             Title: Giving the Future A Chance

         Session 2: 12:00-13:00
             Speaker: Eric J. JOHNSON (Columbia University)
             Title: Beyond Nudges: Becoming a Better Choice Architect

     2019.04.19 (Fri.) 13:30-14:45 (Room TBA) (Joint with Microeconomics/Game Theory Workshop, KIER)
         Speaker: Paul HEIDHUES (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)
         Title: Browsing versus Studying: A Pro-Market Case for Regulation (with Johannes Johnen & Botond Kőszegi)

     2019.04.22 (Mon.) 13:00-14:30 (Room TBA) (Joint with Asian Economic Development Seminar)
         Speaker: Michele DI MAIO (University of Naples Parthenope)
         Title: TBA

Past Seminars
     2019.03.02 (Sat.)-2019.03.04 (Mon.)
         Game Theory Workshop 2019
               Co-organized by Game Theory Workshop 2019
               Online registration is required for participants.

     2018.12.21 (Fri.) 11:00-12:15 (Room 101 on 1F)
         Speaker: Shuang ZHANG (University of Colorado Boulder, NYU Shanghai)
         Title: Setting the Price Right: Evidence from Heating Price Reform in China (with Koichiro Ito)

     2018.12.14 (Fri.) 10:30-12:45 (Room 101 on 1F) (Joint with Asian Economic Development Seminar, Kyoto University & HIAS, Hitotsubashi University)
         Session 1: 10:30-11:15
             Speaker: Hisaki KONO (Kyoto University)
             Title: Lending maturity of microcredit and dependence on moneylenders
         Session 2: 11:15-12:45
             Speaker: Stefan DERCON (University of Oxford)
             Title: The Future in Mind: the long-term impacts of a psycho-social intervention on economic outcomes

     2018.12.07 (Fri.) 11:00-12:15 (Room 101 on 1F)
         Speaker: Suphanit PIYAPROMDEE (University College London)
         Title: On Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in Wages and Employment Mobility: Evidence from Danish Register Data

     2018.11.02 (Fri.) 11:00-12:15 (Room 101 on 1F) (Joint with Microeconomics/Game Theory Workshop, KIER)
         Speaker: Keiichi KAWAI (University of New South Wales)
         Title: Robust Pricing With Refunds (with Toomas Hinnosaar)

     2018.08.03 (Fri.)-2018.08.04 (Sat.)
         Kyoto Summer Workshop on Applied Economics 7th Meeting
               Co-organized by International Workshop on Empirical Studies on Smart Community
               Downloadable Information (PDF)

     2018.7.26 (Thurs.) 16:30-18:00 (Room 107 on 1F) (Joint with International Economics Seminar)
         Speaker: Yoshinori KUROKAWA (University of Tsukuba)
         Title: Factor Intensity Reversals Redux (with Kozo Kiyota)

     2018.6.22 (Fri.) 11:00-12:15 (Room 101 on 1F)
         Speaker: Tatsushi OKA (Monash U)
         Title: Censored Quantile Difference in Differences

     2018.6.7 (Thurs.) 17:00-18:30 (at KIER) (Joint with Microeconomics/Game Theory Workshop, KIER)
         Speaker: Sambuddha GHOSH (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
         Title: Blackwell equilibrium (joint with Costas Cavounidis, Johannes Hörner, Satoru Takahashi, and Eilon Solan)

     2018.5.25 (Fri.) 11:00-12:15 (Room 101 on 1F)
         Speaker: Ken ONISHI (Singapore Management U)
         Title: Excess Capacity and Effectiveness of Policy Interventions: Evidence from the Cement Industry

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