Saori Chiba

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    Behavioral Economics of Crime Rates and Punishment Levels (with Kaiwen Leong)
        Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 172(4), December 2016, Pages 727-754, DOI: 10.1628/093245616X14631368691817
         (PDF 2015: the almost final version)
        [Old draft] Dep. Management, Univ. Ca' Foscari Venezia WP No. 21/2014 (Website Link)

    An Example of Conflicts of Interest as Pandering Disincentives (with K. Leong)
        Economics Letters 131(C), June 2015, Pages 20-23, DOI.10.1016/j.econlet.2015.03.028
        (PDF 2015: the almost final version)

Working Papers:

    Vagueness of Language: Indeterminacy under Two-Dimensional State Uncertainty (2nd round RR. The BE Journal of Theoretical Economics)
            Kyoto U. GSE DP E-18-003 (Website Link)
        [Relevant] Extensions and Vagueness of Language under Two-Dimensional State Uncertainty
            Dep. Management, Univ. Ca' Foscari Venezia WP No. 20/2014 (Website Link)

    Cheap Talk with Outside Options (with K. Leong)
         Draft 2019 will be posted later.
        [Old draft] Draft 2014
            Dep. Management, Univ. Ca' Foscari Venezia WP No. 16/2013 (Website Link)

    Hidden Profiles and Persuasion Cascades in Group Decision-Making (submitted)
            Kyoto U. GSE DP E-18-001 (Website Link)

    Information Aggregation and Countervailing Biases in Organizations (with K. Leong)
            Kyoto U. GSE DP E-18-007 (Website Link)
        [Relevant] Cheap Talk with Counterveiling Conflicts of Interests (with K. Leong), 2016 (PDF)
        [Relevant] Counterveiling Conflicts of Interest in Delegation Games (with K. Leong), 2016 (PDF)
        [Relevant] Conflicts of Interest as Pandering Disincentives (with K. Leong), 2014 (PDF)
        [Relevant] Managerial Economics of Cheap Talk (with K. Leong), Univ. Ca' Foscari Venezia WP 24/2013 (Website Link)

    Two-sided Strategic Information Transmission (with Kazumi Hori)
         Abstract and Draft 2019

Work In Progress:
    Aggregation of Information via Binary Actions: Should It be Sequential or Simultaneous?
        Memo 2018 (PDF)

    A Model of Price Volatility in Insurance Market (with Keith N. Hylton)

    Can a lengthy application title make your application successful? A perspective of information theory (with Chien-Yuan Sher & Min-Hsueh Tsai)
         Abstract 2018

    The Role of Information Design in Facilitating Trust and Trustworthiness (with Michiko Ogaku)
         Abstract 2019

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