Conference is jointly organized by “CARIS” (Competitive Advantage of Regions and Industries) [Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research of JSPS, (A)23243055] and Business History Society of Japan


The chairman of International Business History, BHS in Japan,

Miyajima, Hideaki, Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University.


Conference Leader:

Takafumi Kurosawa, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University.
( Project Leader of "CARIS")


Partner Project and Supporting Organizations:

● “BEAT”: Business in Europe and Asia in the Twentieth Century (Utrecht University)

The Center for East Asia Economic Studies, Kyoto University

● Workshop on Economic and Business History (Kyoto University)



* Business History Society of Japan has organized international conferences on business history since 1970. Since the venue of the first conferences was located at the foot of Mount Fuji, the Society decided on the name, Fuji Conference. The International Conference on Business History, as it is now known, is the 30th in the series and will be held this time in Tokyo. For further information concerning previous conferences, see