Of the Japan-China-Korea Young Scholarsf Joint Seminar

On the World Economic Crisis

December, 23, 2009

Large Meeting Room,

Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University


Opening Ceremony 10:00-11:10

Welcome Speech

   Kiichiro Yagi (Dean of Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University)

Keynote Speech

Won Jun Nah (associate professor of School of Economics and Trade, Kyungpook National University)

   Hiroshi Ohnishi (professor of Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University)


COFFEE  BREAK   11:10-11:20


1st Session  11:20-12:20

General Understanding

Chaired by Miss Yang Liu (Kyoto University)

Boo-Mann Choung(Kyungpook University), " Institutional Diversity and  the Impact of Global Economic Crisis".

Yanyan Wu(Renmin University of China) gThe Comparison of Monetary Policyfs Effectiveness Between China and Euro Areah


LUNCH  TIME  12:20-14:00


2nd Session  14:00-15:00

Financial Volatility

Chaired by Mr. Chengnan Yan (Kyoto University)

EunJung Jo(Kyungpook University), "Risk Factors in the Structural Changes of the Chinese Capital Markets".

Wang Ling (Kyoto University),hAn Analysis of the Determinants@of@Japanese Shinkin Banks' Loan-Deposit Margins"

COFFEE  BREAK  15:00-15:10


3rd Session  15:10-16:10

Impact on the East Asian Economy@@

Chaired by Miss Wang Ling (Kyoto University)

Jun Zhu(Renmin University of China) gStudy on China's macro-economic policy in stable period of economic recovery.h

Chengnan Yan (Kyoto University) gRethinking of the Chinese labor market reform from flexibility approach: the necessary condition of consumption-led growth system in Chinah

COFFEE  BREAK  16:10-16:20


4th Session  16:20-17:20

Theory of Economic Crisis

Chaired by Mr. Atsushi Tazoe (Kyoto University)

Yanghua Huang(Renmin University of China) gExchange Rate Regimes, Financial Development and eCreative Destructionf: Shumpeterian Hypothesis in Open Economy and Evidenceh

Ryo Kanae(Kyoto University) gA Marxian Optimal Growth Model under Uncertaintyh


DINNER  PARTY  18:00-17:30

(for all of the presenters and chairs)


Sponsored by

Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

Shanghai Center of Kyoto University

Supporting Club of Shanghai Center of Kyoto University