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Dr. Chihiro Suematsu is a Professor and a chair of Business Leadership Program at Kyoto University Graduate School of Management and a professor at Graduate School of Economics.

He continuously pursues the subjects, open standards, processes, systems, organizations, IT, and creative problem solving. He is the author of more than 12 books, including "Transaction Cost Management - Strategies and Practices for a Global Open Economy-," 2014, Springer. Collaboration on the Internet, modularization as an application and logical thinking as a means in particular, is one of his recent research topics.

Through his first book, he became well-known by predicting and recommending structural changes, such as moving away from mainframe computers toward the open system architecture. Likewise, he also received recognition for his 2002 book regarding the significance of deploying modular structures for even Japanese companies. He is also well-known for facilitating a shift in education toward logical thinking capability development.

Prior to filling the faculty position at Kyoto University, Dr. Suematsu started his career as a nuclear systems engineer for an engineering company, worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Co., and founded a management consulting firm.

He has been playing active roles as a board member and an advisor of various organizations, mainly in Japan and Silicon Valley, including global companies, technology venture start-up companies, governments, and NPOs.

Dr. Suematsu earned his Bachelor of Science in Control Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, his Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and his Ph.D. in Economics from Kyoto University.



Dr. Chihiro Suematsu Summarized Curriculum Vitae (as of April/2014)

Present Position

Professor, Business Leadership Program Chair, Kyoto University Graduate School of Management, and Graduate School of Economics


Academic/Teaching activities

Kyoto University Graduate School of Management

2006 - Present

Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics

2001 - Present

Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration/Entrepreneur School, Assistant Professor

1995 - 2000

University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Business Science, Visiting Scholar
2001 - 2004


Ph.D., Economics, Kyoto University

MS, Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

BS, Electronic Control Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Transaction Cost Management
Springer 2014

Open Source and Neo IT Strategy
Diamond 1999

MOT of Japan (edited by K. Hioki and M. Kawakita, pp135-162)
Chuo-Keizaisha 2004
above, Korean Translation (in progress)

n Kyoto-style Management ? Module Strategy
Nikkei 2002

*How does the Net change the whole financial industry?
Diamond 1999
above, Korean Translation (in progress)

Network Organization Management Theory (co-authored with Dr. Sachio Semmoto)
Diamond 1997

JAVA Revolution (co-authored with Dr. Keith Bennett)
Diamond 1996

The Key Strategy for Enterprises Established in the Future(co-authored)
Diamond 1995

Information Literacy for High Profit Enterprises (co-authored)
Diamond 1995

*The CALS World
Diamond 1995
above, Korean Translation 1996

Strategic/creative problem solving
Nikkei BP 1995

*Practice, Information Systems Reform
Nihon Keizai Newspaper, 1995
above, Taiwanese translation 1996

The business value of computers (translation)
Nikkei BP, 1994

*Introduction to Open Systems (Part I)
Diamond 1991
above, Korean translation 1992

*Introduction to Open Systems (Part II)
Diamond 1992

*Open System Renovation
Diamond 1990

@* denotes inclusion on the Nikkei Newspaper list of bestselling titles

Symposium Chairperson

CALS/EC Japan Session "Business Process Re-engineering"
Chair 1999

Diamond Management Forum
Moderator 1995

Business Show Symposium, "EUC and End User Education and Training"
General Chair 1995

Nihon Information System Users Assn., "Re-engineering"
Program Committee 1993

Open Computing User Meeting
Panel Discussion Coordinator 1991

TV & Video

Toshiba Data Show Promotion Video, 1995

NHK Sunday Economics Scope, "Computers Change Work" 1994

Committee Member

Experienced Committee Member of 8 Japanese national organizations for information
sciences and networking
1988 - present

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Over 150 articles published in magazines and newspapers
1990 - present

Topics include Electronic Commerce, the Internet, Collaboration, Networking,
Business Process Reengineering, CALS ("Commerce at Light Speed")
and the Internet in financial industry

Journals include Diamond Harvard Business, Nikkei Newspaper
Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper, Weekly Diamond, Money Japan, etc.

Magazine and Newspaper Interviews

More than 100 published interviews published

Journals include Asahi Newspaper, Financial Times, Japan Times, CBS MarketWatch,
IDG Computer World, etc.
1990 - present


Over 200 presentations at conferences, forums, exhibitions, and corporations
1986 - present

Consultancy History

Advanced Consulting Network, founder and managing director
1988 - 2001

McKinsey & Co., Japan
1985 - 1988

JGC Corporation, Systems Engineering Division
1979 - 1985

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