大学院生 / Graduate Students
2018年10月期 所属院生
As of September 2018

【ポスドク研修員/研究員 Post-Doc Researchers/Research Assistants】
平賀 緑
Hiraga, Midori
Japan ポスドク研究員 Political Economy of Transforming Vegetable Oils into Everyday Foodstuff in the Industrial Mass Diet
可 靖涵 / カ・セイカン
Ke, Jinhan (Keren)
China OD研究員 Alternative Approaches of Vegetable Provisioning to Gain Consumer Trust in China
Heriberto Ruiz Tafoya (Beto) OD研究員 Political Economy of Food in Slums: A Study of corporate packaged food in Manila squatter areas

【博士課程院生 Doctoral Students】
Zulfa Utami Adiputri Indonesia 久野/井上/Duncan D4
(EA Course)
Legitimacy of Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Indonesia
Anom Sigit Suryawan 久野/黒澤/Jongerden D3
(EA Course)
The Politics of the Governance Takeover of Halal Governance in Indonesia
王 一鳴 / オウ・イチメイ
Wang, Yiming (Emma)
China 久野/坂出/Duncan D3
(EA Course)
Food Security Policy of China: An International Relations Perspective
Michael Jürges Germany 久野/秋津/Bock D2
(EA Course)
Sustainable Food and Agriculture Tourism as a Way to Revitalise Local and Domestic Economies

【修士課程院生 Master Students】
Kimura, Vivian USA 久野/秋津 M2
(EA Course)
Care Farming and Rural Social Welfare: A study on policies and experiences in Japan
Shimabara, Kazumi Japan
久野 M2
(EA Course)
The Political Economy of Golden Rice in the Philippines
(Exchange at Wageningen University: September 2018 - December 2018)
Wurihan (Orihan) China 久野/久野愛 M2
(EA Course)
Shaping agricultural innovation systems responsive to food insecurity in China
Alayna Ynacay-Nye USA 久野 M1
(EA Course)
Mitigation and Regilience Strategies of Japan's Fishing Communities to Environmental Challenges through Public Private Collaboration (tentative)
Liu, Youping China 久野 M1
(EA Course)
The Role of China in the Global Food Governance: A research from the perspective of virtual cultivated land (tentative)

【客員研究員/特別研究学生 Visiting Researchers/Special Research Students and other participants】
Victoria Roberts Australia PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales
Australia's Role in Achieving Global Food Security: To what extent can reform of the research and development tax concessions contribute?
(March 2012)
Silvio Marquardt Brazil 名古屋大学
Organizational Learning as a Tool for Development
(October 2011 - February 2012)
Anindita Gandhi Brazil Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
(Intern: May - July 2012) 
Ashraf Mahmoud Solyman Egypt Associate Professor, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Research Institute A Study on Agricultural Policies and Food Security in Egypt
(2012.9~2014.9, JSPS外国人特別研究員)
Joëlla van de Griend Netherlands Wageningen University, MSc Health and Society Participation of non-governmental actors in food-related policy making
(research intern: May - July 2017)
Guilherme Raj Brazil
Wageningen University, MSc Communication, Health and Society (research intern: February - May 2018)
Yu, Tian China Wageningen University, PhD student, Rural Sociology (visiting research: March - May 2018)
Haja M. Rajaonarison AGST Post-doc Researcher Political Economy of Food Security in Africa
(post-doc: September 2015 - June 2018)

【過去の指導院生 Completed Master/Doctoral Students】
Zaki Uz Zaman
博士(農学, 北大)
UNIDO Bangladesh
A Study on Rice Marketing System and Price Policy in Bangladesh
Simone M. Altoe Brazil 2005年3月
博士(農学, 北大)
A Study on Sustainable Rural Development and Institutional Support in Brazil:The Case of Small Soybean Farmers in the State of Rio Grande do Sul
行方 のな
Nona Namekata
修士(農学, 北大)
種苗市場国際化の下でのわが国種苗企業の事業展開に関する研究: ㈱サカタのタネを事例に (Seed Business Development in Japan under the Internationalization of Seed Market: A Case Study of Sakata Seed Co.)
中西 三紀
Miki Nakanishi
博士(経済学, 京大)
チリにおける輸出農業の展開と農業資本主義化 (Export-oriented Agriculture and Capitalist Development of Chilean Agriculture)
井上 智恵
Chie Inoue
修士(経済学, 京大)
日本における食品安全問題の展開 (A History of Food Safety Issues in Japan)
Elibariki E. Msuya 2009年9月
博士(経済学, 京大)
Sokoine Univ of Agriculture
Unlocking Smallholders' Potentials in Tanzania; Value Chain Analysis and other Analyses: A Case Study of Maize in Kiteto and Mbozi Districts
Sangeeta Jordan Australia 2010年3月
博士(農学, 北大)
A Comparison of the Conventionalisation Processes in the Japanese and Australian Organic Sectors
渡邉 英俊
Hidetoshi Watanabe
博士(経済学, 京大)
第一次世界大戦前におけるアルゼンチンとヨーロッパ「世界経済」 (Argentina and European "World Economy" before WWI)
関根 佳恵
Kae Sekine
博士(経済学, 京大)
多国籍アグリビジネスと地域農業: 日仏におけるドールフード社の事業展開を中心に(Multinationa Agribusinesses and Local Agriculture: A case study of Dole Food Co. in Japan and France)
倪 卉/Ni Hui China 2012年3月
博士(経済学, 京大)
現代中国蚕糸業の展開 (Development of Sericulture and Silk Industry in China)
John Lambino Philippines
博士(経済学, 京大)
The Regionality of Economic Development under Globalization: Focusing on the Dynamism of Unevenness and Migration in the Philippines
大西 祐理江
Ohnishi, Yurie
修士 (経済学、京大)
滋賀県湖東地域における土地改良事業と集落営農の形成と展開: 永源寺ダム建設を起点として(Formation and Development of the Irrigation/Reclamation Works and the Community Farming System in Koto Region, Shiga Prefecture)
池島 祥文
Yoshifumi Ikejima
博士(経済学, 京大)
国際開発政策とグローバル・ガバナンス: 国際機関の政治経済学(International Development Policies and Global Governance: Polittical Economy of International Organisations)
張 暁黎
Zhang, Xiaoli China

The Development and Challenges of Rural Tourism in China:From the Perspective of Standardization based on the Case Study in Shanghai

解 嬋辛
Xie, Chanxin
中国中小企業と関連政策に関する研究 (A Study on Small & Medium-scale Enterprises and Related Policies in China)
Benjamin Wainer Infante Chile
Adaptation to Organic Farming by Latin American Small Farmers under Globalization
森原 康仁
Morihara, Yasuhito
博士(経済学, 京大)
IT産業の国際生産ネットワーク (International Production Networks in IT Industry)
Akkharaphon Thongpoon Thailand 2014年9月
修士(経済学, 京大)
Prince of Songkla Univ., Dept of Agriculture Development
Reshaping Thailand’s Seed Market: A Discussion of the MNC-dominated Structure and the Exercise of Agency among Conflicting Stakeholders
Zulfa Utami Adiputri 2015年9月
修士(経済学, 京大
Legitimacy of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Melawi District, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Zhao Lan China 2016年3月
修士(経済学, 京大)
An Analysis of the production and distribution of pollution-free vegetables: A Case of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China
Anom Sigit Suryawan 2016年9月
修士(経済学, 京大)
Political Economy of Halal Food Certification and Labelling in Indonesia
Yang, Xing
Chinese Rural Transition and Agricultural Investment
Jung, Sungwoong (Josh) Korea
Senior Researcher, Center for Food, Agriculture & Rural Policy, South Korea
Agrarian Prosumer (AP)-driven Sustainable Agrifood Network
Midori Hiraga Japan
博士(経済学, 京大)
資本主義的発展に伴う食の変容:日本における植物油供給体制の形成過程 (Transformation of Food under the Capitalist Development: A history of the formation of Vegetable Oil Complex in Japan

基本的には農業・食料に関連するテーマであれば、国内であれ海外であれ、歴史であれ現状であれ、経営であれ政策であれ、幅広く対応可能です。ただし、理論枠組み、分析手法とも政治経済学(社会経済学、経済社会学、政治社会学、国際政治学などを含む非計量的アプローチ)をベースにしています。---> English

  • 多国籍アグリビジネスのCSRイニシアチブに関する事例分析
  • 社会・環境基準を組み入れたフードシステムに関する事例分析
  • 食料主権をめぐるグローバルな市民社会運動と国際機関の対応に関する言説分析ないし政策過程分析
  • 作物遺伝資源管理をめぐるグローバルとローカルの動きに関する政治経済学的ないし農業社会学的分析
  • 各国農業政策の形成・展開過程と農業構造の変動に関する政治経済学的ないし農業社会学的分析

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