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  法経東館6階 604号室


  606-8501 京都市左京区吉田本町 京都大学経済学研究科


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木曜日 13:30-14:30 (これ以外の時間帯に面会を希望される場合は事前にアポイントメントをとるようにして下さい.)


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京都大学大学院経済学研究科プロジェクトセンター 大学院教育研究高度化プロジェクト



研究・業績 (英語のみ)


Does Exporting Improve Firms' CO Emissions Intensity and Energy Intensity? Evidence from Japanese manufacturing (with Hiroaki Sakamoto) RIETI Discussion Paper Series No. 15-E-130 (November 2015).

How Does UNESCO's Convention on Cultural Diversity Affect Trade in Cultural Goods? (with Ayumu Tanaka) RIETI Discussion Paper Series No. 15-E-126 (November 2015).

・「外国直接投資からの環境配慮行動のスピルオーバー効果−ベトナムの製造業における企業データによる分析−」(鶴見哲也と共著)  RIETI Discussion Paper Series No. 15-J-057(独)経済産業研究所(201510月).


『実証から学ぶ国際経済』(清田耕造氏と共著)有斐閣 (2017). New!

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Rules of Origin and Technology Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment under International Duopoly (with Yoshihiro Mizoguchi), Japan and the World Economy 40: 47-60 (2016). DOI: 10.1016/j.japwor.2016.09.002 (A discussion paper version can be downloaded from here.)

「ミクロ・アプローチによる貿易と環境の分析」.照山博司・細野薫・松島斉・松村敏弘(編)『現代経済学の潮流2016』東洋経済新報社,pp. 111-137 (2016). 日本経済学会2015年度秋季大会20151010日,於:上智大学)特別報告でのプレゼンテーション資料はこちらからダウンロードできます. 

Optimal Rules of Origin with Asymmetric Compliance Costs under International Duopoly (with Yoshihiro Mizoguchi), Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 16(1): 1-24 (2016) (DOI: 10.1007/s10842-015-0202-z) (A discussion paper version can be downloaded from here.) 

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Comparative Statics for Oligopoly: A Generalized Result, Economics Letters 124: 79-82 (2014) (DOI 10.1016/j.econlet.2014.04.026). (A discussion paper version can be downloaded from here.)

Strategic Investment Subsidies under Asymmetric Oligopoly (with Tsuyoshi Toshimitsu), Review of Development Economics 18(3): 490-501 (2014). 

An Economic Theory of the SPS Agreement. In Mercurio, B. and K.-J. Ni, eds. Science and Technology in International Economics Law: Balancing Competing Interests. Taylor & Francis, pp. 53-72 (2014). (A discussion paper version can be downloaded from here.)

Strategic R&D Policy in a Quality-differentiated Industry with Three Exporting Countries (with Tsuyoshi Toshimitsu), Japan and the World Economy 28: 132-142 (2013). (A discussion paper version can be downloaded from here.)

Social Dumping and Trade Policy, The International Economy 16: 59-77 (2013).

Is Corporate Environmentalism Good for Domestic Welfare?, Review of International Economics 21(5): 901-911 (2013).

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Fisheries Subsidies and Management in Open Economies, Marine Resource Economics 27(1): 25-41 (2012).

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