Shuji HISANO's Office

Prof. dr. Hisano, Shuji
International Political Economy of Agriculture
Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

[April 2012 - August 2012]
Visiting Researcher at Department of Political Science
VU University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), The Netherlands

[March 2005 - November 2010]
Associate Professor at Graduate School of Economics,
Kyoto University, Japan

[July 2002 - September 2004]
Visiting Research Fellow at Department of Social Sciences
Wageningen University (WUR), The Netherlands

[July 1995 - March 2005]
Assistant Professor at Department of Agricultural Economics
Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Japan

Fields of Research: International Political Economy of Agriculture and Food, Global Food Governance, Agri-food Politics and Sociology, Rural Development

Academic Backgrounds: I received a Master's Degree in Economic Policy (1993) at Kyoto University. I withdrew from the doctoral programme as I got a position as Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University (1995-2005), where I received a Doctoral Degree in Agricultural Economics (2001) by submitting a dissertation that was then published as a book (2002). During that period, I did my visiting research at Wageningen University (Social Sciences, 2002–2004). After coming back to Kyoto University as Associate Professor in 2005 and promoted to Professor in 2010, I had another chance to do my visiting research at VU University Amsterdam (Political Science, 2012). I currently serve as the Director of the Asian Platform for Global Sustainability & Transcultural Studies (Social Sciences and Humanities Unit of Top Global Courses) as well as the Director of this international graduate programme East Asia Sustainable Economic Development Studies.

Research Activities: My research interests include global governance of food security, industrialisation of agricultural biotechnology, social responsibility and regulation of multinational agribusiness corporations, and international comparative study of agrarian and rural development. Especially and currently, I’m conducting research projects on: corporate appropriation of food security and sustainable development discourses; politics in/behind the process of building sustainable agri-food systems; the Dutch agricultural model and alternative pathways to sustainable transformation. My disciplinary categories, therefore, can be well described as Social Sciences (rather than Agricultural Economics), including International Political Economy of Agriculture and Food; Sociology of Agriculture and Food; Sociology of Science and Technology; Geography of Agriculture and Food; Critical Theory; Gramscian Theory, etc. My international comparative research covers mainly Japan and the Netherlands, but I also have close research connections with scholars and universities in Italy, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States, among others.

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