Shuji HISANO's Office

Prof. dr. Hisano, Shuji
International Political Economy of Agriculture
Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

[April 2012 - August 2012]
Visiting Researcher at Department of Political Science
VU University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), The Netherlands

[March 2005 - November 2010]
Associate Professor at Graduate School of Economics,
Kyoto University, Japan

[July 2002 - September 2004]
Visiting Research Fellow at Department of Social Sciences
Wageningen University (WUR), The Netherlands

[July 1995 - March 2005]
Assistant Professor at Department of Agricultural Economics
Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Japan

My area of expertise is in political economy of food and agriculture in the context of globalisation and localisation.

My research activities started in the early 1990s with exploring the historical process of the industrial development of agricultural biotechnology with a special focus on corporate strategy of transnational agribusinesses and their interaction with national and international government regulations from a point of view of political economy. In the course of this line of research activities, I developed relevant theoretical perspectives that range from (i) social shaping of technologies (science and technology studies), (ii) subsumption of agriculture to capital/industry (agribusiness studies), and (iii) democratic regulation of technology and corporations (governance studies).

While keeping attention on agricultural biotechnology and agribusiness issues, my research has gradually shifted to focus on the following subjects: (i) transdisciplinarity of science and technology (e.g. ethicisation of biotechnology, and politicisation of biotechnology ethics), (ii) dynamic interaction between agency and structure in terms of Gramscian approach to power relations (i.e. hegemony and counter-hegemony in the realm of ideology as well as material capabilities and political organisations), and (iii) global governance of agriculture and food, especially concerning the role of non-governmental actors such as international organisations, transnational corporations, and international NGO/CSOs.

Recent years, I have been following the discourse and politics of food security and food sovereignty, while also paying much attention to the legal and discursive regimes of human rights, including the right to food, as a tool and space to counter the hegemonic regime of neo-liberalism.

Another topic of my recent research is about the politics and discourse of CSR in the agribusiness, such as "sustainable standard and certification" or "responsible innovation" initiatives of transnational agribusinesses, by taking Dutch NGO/CSOs' roundtable and multi-stakeholder approach as an example.

Social Sciences (International Political Economy of Agriculture and Food; Sociology of Agriculture; Sociology of Science and Technology; Critical Theory; Gramscian Theory; etc.)

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