International Field Activities

Dr. Hisano, Shuji
  • Professor, International Political Economy of Food and Agriculture
  • Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University
  • Yoshida-hommachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
  • Tel: 075-753-3451, Fax: 075-753-3492

Field Activities (Domestic)
  • Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Aichi, Ishikawa, Yamagata, Akita, and Hokkaido Prefectures
FIeld and Other Activities (International)
Sep 1996 USA States of Washington and California Field survey
July 1998 Canada Montreal: Quebec Conference of ISA
May 1999 S.Korea Seoul, Puyo and Chonju Field survey (vegetable farmers)
Jul 2000 Brazil Rio de Janeiro:RJ Conference of IRSA
Vicosa: State of Minas Gerais Official Visit to Vicosa University
Curitiba and Londrina: State of Parana Field survey (soybean farmers)
Sao Paulo and Piracicaba: State of SP Interviews & Sao Paulo University
Sep 2001 China Quingdao (Chingtao): Shandong Field survey (vegetable farmers)
Oct 2001 S.Korea Seoul Symposium at Seoul University
Nov/Dec 2001 Argentina Buenos Aires Interviews
Brazil Porto Alegre and Santa Rosa: State of RS Field survey (soybean farmers)
Jul 2002 - September 2004: Netherlands, Wageningen (Wageningen University)  
 Sep 2002 Netherlands West Holland Field survey & Ministry of Agriculture
 Dec 2002 England Brighton IDS Conference at Sussex University
 Jan 2003 Belgium Brussels (European Commission) European Commission Conference
 Mar 2003 England Cambridge Conference
 May 2003 Belgium Brussels (European Parliament) NGO Conference
 Jun 2003 Wales across the country Field survey (dairy farmers)
England London and Milton Kaynes Interviews (NFU and Open Univ)
 Jul 2003 Netherlands Maastricht Summer school / OECD&EIPA Seminar
 Oct 2003 Netherlands Maastricht EIPA Seminar
 Nov 2003 Scotland Edinburgh Innogen Conference
 Mar 2004 Italy Genova European Course on BioT-Ethics
 May 2004 Netherlands Wageningen IAC Course at WUR
 July 2004 Norway Trondheim Conference of IRSA
 Aug 2004 Netherlands Rotterdam Conference "Genomics Momentum"
 Sep 2004 Belgium Leuven Conference of EurSafe
Dec 2005 England Brighton and Sheffield Interviews
Netherlands Wageningen Interviews
Jun 2006 Netherlands Amsterdam AIDEnvironment Workshop
Norway Oslo Conference of EurSafe
Scotland Edinburgh Interviews
Jul 2006 South Africa Durban World Congress of Sociology (ISA)
Netherlands Wageningen Business meeting
Aug 2007 Netherlands Wageningen ESRS Conference
France Montpellier INRA meeting
Apr 2008 Netherlands Amsterdam CSG-EGN Conference
Zeeland Field survey (organic farmer)
Jul 2008 S.Korea Goyang IRSA World Congress 2008
Oct/Nov 2008 Netherlands Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag Interviews with NGOs
Denmark Copenhagen CBS-BRHR Conference
Nov 2009   Netherlands  Wageningen, Amsterdam  Business meeting, workshop 
France  Montpellier  Business meetings 
Jul 2010  Netherlands Wageningen Business meeting
France  Montpellier  ISDA2010 Conference 
Jan 2011   Netherlands  Wageningen, Amsterdam  Graduate course discussant, Interview with NGO 
Germany  Heidelberg Interview with NGO
Sep 2011 S.Korea  Goesan, Paldang, Seoul, etc. IFOAM World Congress, Guest lecture at Kunkok University, etc. 
Nov 2011  Switzerlands  Geneva Training Course on ESCR at Geneva Academy
Apr - Aug 2012: Netherlands, Amsterdam (VU University Amsterdam)
 Jun 2012  Netherlands  Den Haag  International Conference on Land Grabbing at ISS 
 Jun 2012  Scotland  Glasgow  International Studies Association Conference on Human Rights 
 Jul 2012  Netherlands  Tilburg  International Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference
 Aug 2012 Portugal  Lisbon  International Rural Sociology Association Conference
Feb 2013  Thailand  Bangkok  Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, etc. 
Mar 2013   Netherlands  Leiden, Amsterdam, Wageningen  International Student Workshop at Leiden University, informal meeting at Wageningen University, etc. 
Germany  Heidelberg  International Student Workshop at Heidelberg University, etc. 
Aug 2013  Thailand  Bangkok, Chiangmai  Thammasat University, Chiangmai University, Formal meeting at Chulalongkorn University, Visit to Thail Parliament, Interviews with CP Group, Japanese companies at Industrial Park, etc. 
Sep 2013  Indonesia  Jogjakarta, Jakarta  International Student Workshop at University of Gadjah Mada, Interviews at Jakarta Japan Club, etc.
Jan 2014  Netherlands  Amstrerdam, Rotterdam, Wageningen  International Student Workshops at Erasmus University and Wageningen University, Interviews with NGO and farm, etc. 
  Germany  Frankfurt, Heidelberg  International Student Workshops at Goethe University and Heidelberg University, Interview with NGO, etc. 
Apr 2014  Taiwan  Taipei  International Sympo at National Taiwan University, Interviews with farms 
Sep 2014  Thailand  Bangkok, Phuket  ETO Conference at Chulalongkorn University, International Student Workshop and formal meeting at Thammasat University, Visit to CP Foods, Visit to Phuket Provincial Government, Interviews with NGOs and farmers, etc. 
Mar 2015  Thailand  Bangkok  Kyoto ASEAN Forum 
Mar 2015 Netherlands  Amsterdam, Wageningen  1st WU-KU International Graduate Workshop and formal meeting for academic and exchange agreement at Wageningen University 
Aug 2015  Netherlands  Wageningen  Attend public PhD defence ceremonies as an opponent at Wageningen University 
Sep 2015  Thailand  Bangkok  International Graduate Workshop at Chulalongkorn University; Visit organic ag organisation, UNIDO, Workd Bank, etc. 
Mar 2016  Belgium Leuven, Antwerpen, Brussels Official meetings at KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business 
  Netherlands Amsterdam, Wageningen, Den Haag Official meetings and various exchange activities at Wageningen University; Graduate workshop at International Institute of Social Studies; field works in Amsterdam area 
May 2016  S Korea Seoul International Symposium on Rethinking Food and Sustainability at Korea University
Aug 2016  Canada
Toronto  14th World Congress of Rural Sociology 
  Netherlands  Wageningen, Utrecht, Groningen, etc.  Meetings at Wageningen University, Field Research (JSPS project) 
Sep 2016  Singapore Singapore  Official meeting at Singapore Management University 
  Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur  Kyoto ASEAN Forum 

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