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  • Ruivenkamp G., Hisano S., and Jongerden J., eds. (2008) Reconstructing Biotechnologies: Critical Social Analyses. Wageningen Academic Publishers. ---CLICK

    The main subject of this publication is the co-creation of society and biotechnology. The authors do not treat society and biotechnology as separate domains, instead they consider technologies as socially constructed. The main focus of this publication is on agro-biotechnologies and the contributors present perspectives for reconstruction both from and in 'the North' and 'the South'.
    Reconstructing biotechnologies offers a range of critical social analyses confronting the actuality of biotechnology with the potentialities of its social reconstruction. In doing that, the book develops and merges literature from four different disciplines, namely (i) critical theory and its analyses of technology and power, (ii) political economy, critically assessing the interrelationship between economy, politics and technology, (iii) social constructivism, which holds that technology is the product of agency and knowledge systems, and (iv) the analysis of rural society and agrarian technologies in rural sociology.
    Reconstructing biotechnologies introduces exciting approaches and examples into the social reshaping of biotechnologies. It brings together critical examinations of contemporary biotechnology development and puts forward possible alternatives written by critical scholars. The contributions in this publication are for students and scholars in a wide range of disciplines such as social and political sciences, science and technology studies, and development studies.
  • アグリビジネスと遺伝子組換え作物:政治経済学アプローチ
    (日本経済評論社,2002年7月刊、本体価格5400円、ISBN 4818814253)
    ※2003.4 日本農業経済学会学会賞受賞
    • 構成
        序章 問題の所在と課題
        第1章 理論的枠組み
        第2章 農業バイオテクノロジー産業化の前史
        第3章 多国籍企業の農業バイオ戦略とその到達点
        第4章 アメリカ合衆国におけるバイオテクノロジー政策の展開
        第5章 農業バイオ政策の国際的整合化と対抗軸
        第6章 農業者利益論の実際と開発者利益
        第7章 途上国利益論の実際と国際研究機関の役割
        補論 消費者利益論の実際
        終章 総括と政策的含意

    • 書評
       -大塚善樹氏 『経済』2002年12月号,136-137頁
       -千葉典氏 『農業経済研究』75巻1号(2003.6),21-23頁
       -大木茂氏 『農業問題研究』56号(2004.4),44-48頁
       -河相一成氏 『歴史と経済(旧土地制度史学)』182号,2003年10月
       -「再論 アグリビジネスと遺伝子組換え作物: 書評への回答にかえて」(農経論叢61集, 2005年)

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