Borrowing, Returning, Reserving and Renewing   icom_jp

1. Borrowing

Borrowing limits are below.

Affiliation (Kyoto University)   Number of Loans Loan Period
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School of Economics

Graduate School of Management

School of Government

Full-time faculty
e.g. Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer, and Assistant Professor
200 volumes 1 year
Part-time faculty
e.g. Part-time lecturer, Visiting faculty (researcher), Specially-appointed faculty (researcher), Medical staff/resident, Foreign researcher, Research scientist, etc.
30 volumes 6 months
Full-time and part-time staff 20 volumes 2 month
Graduate students, Trainees 50 volumes 3 months
Undergraduate students, Research students 20volumes 1 month
Professor emeritus 20 volumes 3 months
KIER (Kyoto Institute of Economic Research) Full-time faculty 50 volumes 6 months
Faculty of Law

Graduate School of Law

Full-time faculty 50 volumes 6 months
Part-time faculty 20 volumes 1 month
Graduate students 30 volumes 3 months
Undergraduate students 10 volumes 2 weeks
Professor emeritus 10 volumes 2 weeks
Others  Full-time and part-time faculty 20 volumes 1 month
Full-time and part-time staff 10 volumes 1 month
Graduate and undergraduate students 10 volumes 2 weeks
Professor emeritus 10 volumes 2 weeks

*Journals and reference books are not for loan.
*Some old books are unable to check out or copy.
*Books with the purple sticker “指定書” are treated as textbooks, which can be borrowed for 2 weeks and renewed only once.

2. Returning

・Return the item(s) to the book post. It is at the entrance.
・You can also return them by postal mail or other delivery services.
e.g. Yu-Pack (parcel), Letter Pack

Users are to pay the delivery fee.

・Sending Address: Economics Library, Kyoto University
Yoshida Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
TEL 075-753-3412

・Pack the library materials appropriately so that they are not damaged in transit.
・Specify on the package that library materials are inside.
・Keep the copy of the delivery invoice in case of accidents.

3. Reserving

Reservation type (1) Order Reservation
– You can order the delivery of materials from remote campuses, such as those in Katsura and Uji.
– You can reserve materials that are currently borrowed by someone else.

Reservation type (2) Keep Order
– You can place holds on books that are currently on the shelves.
*Please apply using the ‘[KU members only] Economics Library Circulation Application Form‘ for materials not eligible for Keep Order, specifically those classified as ‘Material Type: Journals’ and with the status ‘Short-Term Loan or Library Use Only’.

4. Renewing

・The loan period can be renewed the following number of times.
・Please renew your loan period online through MyKULINE before the due date.
・The renewal period is the period from the date the renewal process is executed
・If someone has reserved the book, it cannot be renewed.
・If you have a book that is overdue, you cannot renew it.

Loan period Renewal period Maximum renewal times
Within 1 year 6 months 1 time
Within 6 months 3 months 1 time
Within 3 months 3 months 2 times
Within 1 month 1 month 2 times
Within 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 times

5. Periodicals and Reference books

Journals can be borrowed only for one day. Please make sure return it 15 minutes before closing.
*Latest issue (new arrival) cannot be borrowed or copied.