Guide for Kyoto University members   icom_jp

Entering Library

You can bring hand-carried bags into the Reading Room. However, please do not bring hand-carried bags into the stack room; instead, put them in the locker.

Copying Documents

Before copying, please fill in an “Application Form for Copying Documents” which is placed at the library counter. You can photocopy documents outside of the library with short borrowing.

A Co-op’s photocopy machine is located in the Reading Room.
Staffs and graduate students of Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics can use the photocopy machine for public expense.
*Rare books cannot be copied.
*Short borrowing is limited to 5 books at a time.

Entering Stack Room

Faculty and students of Kyoto University can use books in the stack room. To enter the stack room, go to the library counter and exchange your personal ID or library card with an entrance card, which is the key to the stack room.
Auditing student and credited auditor, please enter the title and call number, the book ID, and registered number on a form. One of the staff will get the book for you.
*Service hours(taking out from the stack room):Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00,13:00-17:00
*Location is “Second Stacks /新棟B2 書庫” is located in a separate building(East Wing of HOKEI Building). Staffs and graduate student of Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics can enter it, but others can’t, so have to order the book. Be careful that it takes some time.

Reference Service

If you have any questions, such as direction to materials and library service, feel free to consult at the library counter.

Visiting another library

You can visit and use another University’s library. If you want to use it, please ask library counter as early as possible for our procedure to contact it. (Office hour: only on week day 9:00-17:00)

Interlibrary loans

Payment of ILL is available only at public expense. If you want to pay at private expense, please ask KU Library(Main Library).

Inter-campus Delivery Service

You can request a book or copies of articles in journals that are held by KU Libraries, but not held at your home campus.
It will be available for pick up at your faculty library.
Please apply at the counter.(service hours:9:00-17:00)
*You can not borrow for from the Yoshida campus in this service.