Visit (reservation required)   icom_jp


Available Hours
Weekday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: Not Available

Closing Day
Sunday, Holiday, 15th of every month (Next workday if 15th is a weekend or Holiday)
Year End and New Year, Entrance exam’s day in January and February, 1st~5th April
the anniversary of KU (18th June), about 10days in mid-August (the Bon Holiday)
The schedule is here.

For Using

Non-KU members can read reserved items in the reading room between 9:00 and 17:00 on weekdays. Please make your reservation at least three business days in advance through your university or public library.

If you have special circumstances that make it difficult to apply from public libraries, you can apply directly from <[EconLib] Visiting Application Form (General Books)>.

For using rare books, application for rare materials is required.

On Visiting Day

Please bring your identity card (e.g. Student/Faculty/Staff card, driver’s license, or health insurance card) and replication of the visit reservation.

Only items you reserved in advance are available. No additional materials will be accepted on the day. If you need additional materials, please apply again through your university or public library.

Photography with smartphones, cameras, etc. is permitted only for materials that we determine cannot be copied by photocopiers, such as deteriorated materials. If you wish to do so, please submit an “Application for Taking Photos“. If it is difficult for you to take photos by yourself, please apply for an ILL service through your university or public library.

To Make Photocopies

A copier in the reading room is usable with Co-op cards. If you’d like to pay with coins, you can copy them outside the library after applying for short borrowing at the desk.

*The following items cannot be copied.
Rare books, thesis, new arrival journals, and deteriorated/damaged materials.