Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for 2018

*The attached Academic Calendar is based on the calendar of General Programme of Graduate School of Economics which starts from April.

Our programme starts from October.

■Autumn Semester

October 1

Academic Year of EA Programme Starts

Autumn Semester and Classes Starts (Classes: Oct -Jan)

Beginning of October

Entrance Ceremony for East Asia Programme

Late October

Submission of Doctoral Research Plan (D1-D3)

Early November

Medical Check-up for new students

Late November

Kyoto University November Festival *No Classes

Late December

Winter Vacation Starts

Early January

Winter Vacation Ends

Late January

Last Day of Autumn Semester Classes

Semester Examination Period

Late March

Commencement Ceremony for General Programme Students

March 31

Autumn Semester Ends


■Spring Semester

April 1

Spring Semester Starts

Early April

Entrance Ceremony for General Programme Students


Spring Semester Classes Starts (Class Period: April – July)

Medical Check-up

Early May

Submission of the Masterʼs Thesis Title (M2)

June 18

Kyoto University Foundation Day *No Classes *Office Closed

Late June

Submission of Doctoral Dissertation (D3)

Early July

Submission of Masterʼs Thesis (M2)

Mid-Late July

Oral Examination for Masterʼs Degree (M2)

Mid-July to Mid-August

Oral Examination for Doctoral Degree (D3)

Late July

Last day of Spring Semester Classes

Semester Examination Period

Submission of Doctoral Research Result Report (D1-D2) and Overall Research Result Report (D3)

Early August

Summer Vacation Starts

Late September

Commencement Ceremony for Masterʼs and Doctoral Programme(M2/ D3)

September 30

Summer Vacation and Spring Semester Ends