Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for 2017

*The attached Academic Calendar is based on the calendar of General Course of Graduate School of Economics: its academic calendar starts from April.

Our programme starts from October.

■Autumn Semester

October 1

Academic Year of EA Programme Starts

Start of Autumn Semester and Classes (Class Period: Oct -Jan)

Beginning of October

Entrance Ceremony for East Asia Programme

Late October

Submission of Doctoral Research Plan (D1-D3)

Early November

Medical Check-up (for new students)

Late November

Kyoto University November Festival *No Classes

Late December

Start of Winter Vacation

Early January

End of Winter Vacation/Start of Classes after Winter Vacation

Late January

End of Classes for Autumn Semester

Semester-end Examination Period

Late March

(Degree Conferment Ceremony for General Programme Students)

March 31

End of Autumn Semester


■Spring Semester

April 1

Start of Spring Semester

Early April

(Entrance Ceremony for General Programme Students of GSE)


Start of Classes for Spring Semester (Class Period: April – July)

Medical Check-up for current students

Early May

Submission of the Masterʼs Thesis Title (M2)

June 18

Kyoto University Foundation Day *No Classes *Office Closed

Late June

Submission of Doctoral Dissertation (D3)

Early July

Submission of Masterʼs Thesis (M2)

Mid-Late July

Oral Examination for Masterʼs Degree (M2)

Mid-July to Mid-August

Oral Examination for Doctoral Degree (D3)

Late July

End of Classes for Spring Semester

Semester-end Examination Period

Early August

Submission of Doctoral Research Report (D1-D3) and Report for Completion of Doctoral Course (D3)

Start of Summer Vacation

Late September

Degree Conferment Ceremony for Masterʼs and Doctoral Course(M2/ D3)

September 30

End of Summer Vacation and Spring Semester