Master’s Degree Requirements

  • The Programme requires that students obtain a minimum of 30 credits over the duration of the two-year’s (or more) of study.
  • 12 credits or more must be taken in Core Subjects (2 credits of 2 compulsory subjects and 10 credits or more of optional subjects).
  • 10 credits or more must be taken in Advanced Subjects A.
  • An Obligatory 8 credits will be awarded for Thesis Research.


  • You must consult with your supervisor(s) about the appropriate subjects you are to take.
  • For your Thesis Research to be qualified for 8 credits, it must be conducted under the supervision of your supervisor(s) throughout the duration of your study.
  • You can count the following credits as part of Advanced Subjects A: (i) those from subjects that you take in Basic Subjects over 12 credits, (ii) those from subjects that are not included in the list below but offered at the Graduate School of Economics; (iii) those from subjects offered at other Graduate Schools of Kyoto University; or (iv) those from subjects offered at other universities that have international academic exchange agreements with Kyoto University or the Graduate School of Economics. In the cases of (ii), (iii) and (iv), you are required to get recommendation and approval from your supervisor(s).
  • Credits taken from the same subject, regardless of whether it is offered by different instructors, can be counted only once, and the rest can be taken as surplus credits. You are allowed to take 20 credits or less from the courses offered by the same instructor (including the above 8 credits for your Thesis Research). Those beyond this limit can be taken as surplus credits.
  • Surplus credits cannot be counted as part of your degree requirements.
  • In addition to the above credit requirements, you are required to write a master’s dissertation which must be approved by your supervisor(s) and defended in a final oral examination in order to complete a Master’s degree.