Career Path

Most of our students are graduates of top-level universities of each country and region. They have diverse academic backgrounds ranging from economics, business management and political economy to political science, law and sociology. Some of them also have rich working experiences in the private sector, the public sector, as well as the civil society sector.

We have guided students towards career paths, including economist, social entrepreneur, international civil servants contributing to international sustainable development, and academic researcher with an international standard of competence, but in the end each students career path eventually depends on their preferences and capability. Although our students obtain a Master of Arts in Economics and/or PhD in Economics, as our graduate programme is focused on the sustainable development of economy, society and environment, the programme is a multidisciplinary social science field beyond offering more than just economics and thus helps prepare students for a range of potential careers.

About a half of our master’s students proceed to our doctoral programme, and another half get a job in Japan or in their home countries, as listed below.

  • Private sectors such as;
    ・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    ・Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
    ・Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
    ・Honda Motor
    ・DMG Mori
    ・Ernst & Young
    ・Towers Watson
    ・People’s Bank of China
    ・China Mobile Finance
    ・China Etek Service &Techonology, etc.
  • Public sectors such as;
    ・Consulate General of Japan
    ・State Ethnic Affairs Commission of P.R.C
  • Lecturer at universities in their home countries
  • International organisations such as;
    ・United Nations
    ・International Financial Institutions
    ・International NGO, etc.

This latter option is somehow crucial as our programme is aimed not only to provide students with academic knowledge but also to encourage them to stand and work on the ground for the diversity and sustainable development of the world. For this purpose, our students are encouraged to apply for an internship at international organisations such as United Nations University (Tokyo) and UNIDO Regional Office in Thailand (Bangkok). Please also refer to the internship reports of our students.