Doctoral Degree Requirements

  • To achieve Pre-Doctoral certification (which qualifies a student to submit his/her Doctoral thesis for defence), the Programme requires that students obtain a minimum of 24 credits over the course of three years.
    • An obligatory 16 credits will be awarded for Thesis Research, which must be conducted under supervision of both your main and sub supervisors (8 credits from each supervisor).
    • 8 credits or more must be taken in Advanced Subjects A and B, 2 credits or more of which must be taken in Advanced Subjects B. You can also count the following credits as part of Advanced Subjects A and B: (i) those from subjects that are not included in the list below but offered at the Graduate School of Economics; (ii) those from subjects offered at other Graduate Schools of Kyoto University; or (iii) those from subjects offered at other universities that have international academic exchange agreements with Kyoto University or the Graduate School of Economics. In the cases of (i), (ii) and (iii), you are required to get recommendation and approval from your supervisor(s).
  • You must submit your research plan and progress report every year. To achieve Pre‐Doctoral certification, you must submit the final report of your research achievements for the three years.
  • After taking Pre-Doctoral certification, you are required to indicate your intention to (or not to) continue in the programme by completing some specific documents before the middle of September. If you do not indicate your intentions, it will be assumed that you wish to continue in the programme, and you will have to pay tuition fee.
  • The degree must be completed within a maximum of six years, excluding a period of leave of absence.
  • In addition to the above credit requirements and Pre‐Doctoral certification, you are required to write a doctoral dissertation, which must be approved by the examining committee members (including your supervisors) and defended in a final oral examination in order to complete a Doctoral degree.