Fieald Research in Japan


June 18, 2018 Mogitori Center Iwao

Visit to an end-of-life vehicle dismantling plant.


June 10, 2018 Organic Farm in Keihoku

Visit to the organic family farm “Tagayashiuta Farm (Singing Paddy Farm)” in Keihoku. Weeding in the paddy field, followed by lecture on the challenges and future of agriculture in the area and delicious organic vegan lunchbox. 

Keihoku 1    Keihoku 2



November 27, 2017 TOYOTA

Tour of automobile assembly and welding lines at the Tsutsumi Plant.


October 3, 2017 Lake Biwa Canal and Suiro kaku

We learned the history of a modernization project in Kyoto—the development of the Lake Biwa Canal. The Lake Biwa Canal was constructed in the 1890s as a waterway to connect Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa, and the city of Kyoto. Suiro kaku is a brick-made bridge, with a series of arches, built as a part of Lake Biwa Canal.

  Lake Biwa Canal 1    Lake Biwa Canal 2 Suiro kaku