For Current Students

■Important Information:

<Important Notice on KULASIS>
Do not leave your information (address/email/phone no. etc.) without updating.
You might miss the important information!
GSE will contact you based on the information you registered on KULASIS.

■Others (Frequently Asked Matters)

  • Concerning Courses and Related Matters

1) Japanese Language Course Registration 

*The following information is the process taken in the past.
  Please notice the conditions may have be changed and confirm the latest information from ILAS. 

Japanese Language courses are provided by ILAS (Kyoto University Institution for Liberal Arts an Sciences) for each semester.

For Japanese Language Course, you need to take 2 steps:

  1. Online pre-registration on the web site of The Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences and other procedures
  2. Registration on KULASIS –> Do not forget this procedure!

 *For information for pre-registration, the information will be posted on KULASIS.

The credits that students get in Japanese language courses will not be counted as degrees for your graduation for EA Programme. However, the record and the grade will be on your transcript
if you properly complete registrations of Japanese courses.

FYI: the web pages of “Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences” in charge of Japanese Language Courses.
*only available in Japanese


2) Obtaining Necessary Documents for New Academic Year*1 (in April)
If you cannot come to receive the documents in designated date and period, please visit Student Affairs Office later.

*1  The academic year of EA programme starts from October. 
     However, for general students affairs procedures, the procedures will be through
     based on the calendar of General Academic Year of Kyoto University,
     which starts from April to March. (You should not confuse it.)


3) Course registration for the courses of other graduate schools
The registration procedures are different from each graduate school.
If you have any questions, please contact Student Affairs Office of GSE and 
the offices in charge of other graduate schools’ course registration.

FYI: 聴講届 with rough translation 


4) For Master’s Thesis
-Students do not need to register the course for thesis; there is no course to be registered for master’s thesis.

-Students need to submit the title of the thesis with the form you download from KULASIS.  Be sure to submit this form to Student Affairs Office during the submission period (in Mid-May).

-For the schedule of your oral defense, please consult with your supervisors.

*For further inquiries, please contact Students Affairs Office.


5) Inquiries for each course
-In principle, please contact the professor(s) in charge of the course.

-For some courses; for Master’s students; “Internship” and “Overseas Field Research”
                             for Doctoral students; courses of Advanced Courses B
 Students need to apply for registration and credit(s) to
 their supervisors and the professors in charge of the course
 Students may also contact EAC <eac (at)> if you have any questions.

For other detailed information for procedures for the courses above;
please refer to this page (<– click).


  • Others

1) Annual Health Check-up (in April for current students)
-Students need to fill out the forms online prior to the actual check-up.
(For detailed procedures, please see the instruction on KULASIS.)

-If you are not available on the designated date, please visit the site on the other day.
 Even if the day and the time is not for students of GSE, they will accept you to receive the health-checkup.

-New students who have just enroled on October will take health check-up in Autumn.
 The detailed information will be informed in Orientation for new students at the beginning of October.


2) Procedures for Reduction of charge of the National Health Insurance/the National Pension      Programme

In case your last year income is less than specified amount, Insurance charge may be reduced.
Students need to apply for the reduction EVERY YEAR.

For detailed information, please see this page (<– click).
* Please note that the information is for your reference. For detailed and official procedures, 
   Students need to contact a section in charge in Ward Office by themselves.