International Exchange Programme


Field Research in Thailand 2018 (Reports of Students)

Field Research in South Korea 2018 (Reports of Students)


Programme for Special Exchange Students (Winter Term 2017/2018)


2nd KU-WU Joint Graduate Workshop at Kyoto University 2016

■Field Research in Thailand 2016 (Reports of Students)


1st WU-KU Joint Graduate Workshop at Wageningen University 2015

■Field Research in Germany 2015 (Reports of Students)

■Field Research in Thailand 2015 (Reports of Students)


■Field Research in Thailand 2014 (Reports of Students)

■Summer School at the Graduate School of Economics 2014

■Field Research in Germany 2014 (Reports of Students)


■Field Research in Thailand 2013 (Reports of Students)

■Field Research in Indonesia 2013 (Reports of Students)

Academic & Students Exchange Agreements between Departments/ Faculties

Country/Region University/Institution Year
China Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Economics) 2004
  Fudan University (Center for Japanese Studies) 2001
  Fudan University (School of Economics) 2001
  Renmin University of China (School of Economics) 2009
  Peking University (School of Economics) 2016
  Peking University (Guanghua School of Management) 2016
Indonesia Universitas Gadjah Mada (Faculty of Economics and Business) 2014
Philippines University of the Philippines Los Baňos 2016
Singapore Singapore Management University 2016
S.Korea Kyungpook National University (College of Economics and Business Administration) 2010
Taiwan National Taiwan University (Collage of Liberal Arts and College of Social Sciences) 2015
  National Taiwan University (Department of Economics) 2015
  National Chengchi University (College of Social Sciences) 2007
Thailand Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Economics) 2013
  Thammasat University (Faculty of Economics) 2013
  Thammasat University (Pridi Banomyong International College) 2013
  Chiang Mai University (Faculty of Economics) 2016
Belgium KU Leuven (Faculty of Economics and Business) 2016
Bulgaria University of National and World Economy, Sofia 2010
France Universite de Paris – Dauphine 2010
Germany Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat am Main 2009
  Heidelberg University (Centre for Transcultural Studies ; Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”) 2014
Netherlands Wageningen University 2015
Sweden Jonkoping University (Jonkoping International Business School) 2009
Turkey Ege University (Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics) 2016
USA Harvard – Yenching Institute 1984

KUASU (Kyoto University Asian Studies Unit):

Please also refer to the website of KUASU regarding our Partner Universities and Research Institutes.